printer’s devil

author and designer of the book ’painajan painajainen / digitaldruck fibel / printer’s devil’, marryam fib:’the main reasons doing this book was the ’revolution’ of digital printing, being useful and binding knowledge in so many languages as possible. the first profession i learned was printer and i noticed that – when digital printing took step on market – people had problems with the preparing of their material for printing. because i came from finland to study in germany, it was more than obvious that i had to do my diploma in at least two languages. but two is a static and not so brave number as three. so, i had to make it in three languages. i tried to bring the layout to communicate within itself. trough the different colors for each language and the text layout i was trying to make the whole thing un-boring, interesting, demanding. the pictures are not so demanding, because they are self made and self drawn, but i stand behind them. i didn’t want to let them to steal the show and the eye to get lost in fancy pictures. i wanted the work to be a sum of knowledge which is packed humble but still with a good old punk-black and the glamorous telephone directories font – just in opposite to its original purpose in contrast to the topic of the book. | contact: marryam_fib(at)


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